How To Apply

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Read through the loan application to learn more about the information you’ll need to provide to the SBA.

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SBA 504 Loan Approval & Documents

Business documentation

  • History and description of business
  • Last three fiscal year-end balance sheets and income/operating statements
  • Last three years of corporate tax returns
  • Names, addresses and three years of federal tax return statements for any subsidiaries and/or affiliates, if applicable
  • Current balance sheet and income/operating statement (not more than 90 days old)
  • Filed copy of Articles of Incorporation and By-laws, and/or Partnership Agreement and/or Limited Liability Company Organizational documentation, or Certificate of Assumed Name
  • Disclosure statement that tells of previous SBA financing, previous bankruptcy or pending lawsuits
  • Copy of franchise agreement, franchisor’s FTC Disclosure Statement; or License Cooperative, Membership, dealership or similar Agreement,if applicable
  • Aging of Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable that coincide with current financial statement.
  • Request for IRS Transcript

Management background information

  • Personal financial statements of owners of small business, as well as last three years of personal tax returns
  • Personal history statement (SBA Form 912) on all officers and directors
  • Resumes of all officers and key management of small business being assisted
  • Copy of Driver’s License for all persons who own 20% or more of the business or real estate

Project documentation

  • Purchase Agreement for the land and/or building
  • Completed and executed Retainer Agreement and Certification page
  • Life insurance in the amount of the debenture may be required to be collaterally assigned to the SBA. (Note: not needed until loan closing)
  • Preliminary plans and specifications
  • Written cost estimates for the project
  • As-built appraisal of the project (NOTE: This must be ordered by the participating lender)
  • Commitment letter from the participating lender
  • When applicable, two years’ projections of earnings showing the effect of the proposed project (plus a month-by-month statement of cash flow for a new business)
  • Copy of Environmental Analysis, addressed to the SBA (typically ordered by the participating lender), and Hazardous Waste License application (if applicable)

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