Servicing Information

How do I find out what my loan balance is?

Email us, and we can send you the loan balance. You can also set up an account with SBA at to review details for all of your SBA loans.

How do I get a Loan Detail (statement)?

Email us with a request for a loan detail at any time. You can also set up an account with SBA at to review details for all of your SBA loans.

What are the annual servicing requirements for my loan?


  • Each year we ask that the certificates and/or declarations pages for your insurance be sent to us at the renewal date, including insurance covering the building and/or equipment, and if applicable, Flood, condominium association, general liability and workers compensation insurance.
  • On the Building and/or Business Personal Property insurance policies, the U.S. Small Business Administration and AMPLIO must be added as Second Mortgagee and/or to the Lender Loss Payable Clause.
  • If Life Insurance is required, we ask for annual verification that the policy remains in-force.
  • The loan’s insurance requirements must be maintained throughout the full term of the loan.


  • We collect copies of the U.S. tax return for the borrower, operating entities, and all personal guarantors.
  • We also require a personal financial statement for each personal guarantor and the financial statements for the operating company.
  • These are used for an annual credit review and are due by the IRS filing deadline each year.

How do I receive the annual interest paid statement for the year?

Every January, we mail out the annual servicing letter and the SBA interest statement for your loan.

What do I need to do if I want to refinance my first mortgage?

Contact us to begin the Subordination process for your SBA 504 loan. This enables the new bank loan to take first lien position, and keep SBA in second lien position.

We will require up-to-date insurance, business financials, personal financial statements for each Guarantor, and a signed Commitment letter or Term Sheet for the new bank loan to begin the process.

What do I need to do if our business is planning a change in ownership?

If your business is planning a change in ownership, notify us. Depending on the circumstances of the change of ownership, a servicing action request or notification will be made to SBA.

What do I need to do if I want to pay off my loan?

If you want to pay off your loan, email us with a request to do so. SBA 504 loans prepay on the third Thursday of the month with a period to wire funds the week before that date. We need written notice by the first of the month of payoff. If you would like an estimate for a payoff in an upcoming month, we can provide that for you.

For additional questions on the servicing of your SBA 504 loan, please contact our office.